Synergy's "Marvel" Litter

Bimbadeen Snow Doll's (Xanthe) first litter of puppies (1 boy and 5 girls), were born on Monday 21 September 2015. The Sire, Utopia Thor Furie (Joe) lives in Queensland. The puppies went to their new homes in November 2015.

Introducing the "Marvel Superhero" litter:

Synergy Blue Marvel (Blue Boy)

Synergy Crimson Crusader (Red Girl)

Synergy Lady Mastermind (Pink Girl)

Synergy Enchantress (Purple Girl)

Synergy White Queen (White Girl)

Synergy Wallflower (Green Girl)

Click on the links below to be taken to each week's individual photos of the puppies from this litter. More photos can be found on our Facebook page

Blue BoyBlue Boy

Purple GirlPurple Girl

Red GirlRed Girl

White GirlWhite Girl

Pink Puppies-9696Pink Girl

Green GirlGreen Girl

8DO-0487Blue Boy

8DO-0484Purple Girl

8DO-0489Red Girl

8DO-0481White Girl

8DO-0485Pink Girl

8DO-0486Green Girl

15DO-0681Blue Boy

15DO-0665Purple Girl

15DO-0656Red Girl

15DO-0674White Girl

15DO-0667Pink Girl

15DO-0653Green Girl

22DO-1059Blue Boy

22DO-1075Purple Girl

22DO-1049Red Girl

22DO-1051White Girl

22DO-1062Pink Girl

22DO-1080Green Girl

28DO-1401Blue Boy

28DO-1366Purple Girl

28DO-1390Red Girl

28DO-1381White Girl

28DO-1385Pink Girl

28DO-1373Green Girl

34DO-3482Blue Boy

34DO-3469Purple Girl

34DO-3498Red Girl

34DO-3479White Girl

34DO-3466Pink Girl

34DO-3488Green Girl

43DO-4156Blue Boy

43DO-4139Purple Girl

43DO-4183Red Girl

43DO-4150White Girl

43DO-4162Pink Girl

43DO-4189Green Girl