Synergy Dreamgirl JC – Sarah

Hips 2:3
Elbows 0:0
MDR1: Clear  DM: Clear

Synergy Dreamgirl (Sarah) is a stunning female we kept from our second litter which was purposely bred to introduce some unique bloodlines and genetic diversity into the Australia White Swiss Shepherd breed.

Sarah is extremely intelligent and trainable – she has learnt how to ring bells and turn our robotic vacuum cleaner on and off!

 After after showing (too much!) potential as a puppy Sarah commenced lure coursing in March 2018 . She has placed second against the other CAT (non-sighthound) dogs in her May and July trials as well as earning her “Junior Courser” title in June 2018. We have no doubt that she will excel at this sport over the coming years.

Sarah is a high energy, playful puppy who is maturing nicely into an affectionate dog. She has a slightly cream, thick short coat with dark pigmentation on her nose.