Neigepearl Ultimate Culmination JC – Apex


Hips 1:1  (International Grade A2)
Elbows 0:0

Apex is our first White Shepherd from Neigepearl Shepherds in Melbourne, Victoria. Apex is a solid boy weighing in at approximately 40kgs and stands 66cms tall at the withers. Apex has a short plush coat which has apricot highlights through his back and on his muzzle.
Although initially hesitant with strangers, Apex soon warms to new people when there is promise of unlimited pats. He is often described as a big, cuddly teddy bear and soon becomes many guests’ “favourite”. He has a high ball prey drive and often has us apologising to dog owners at parks and beaches when he believes every ball was thrown for him to fetch.
Apex has attended obedience since he was 16 weeks old and is currently training at Para Districts and Gawler Obedience Clubs.
While his instinct for herding is still developing, Apex has tried A, B and C course herding styles and has been exposed to both sheep and ducks.
Apex competes in lure course and lure racing with Adelaide Lure Course and Lure Racing Club, earning his “Junior Courser” (JC) title in 2016 and he is now working towards his Coursing Ability (CA) title. Apex has received a third and first place for CAT (non-sighthound) dogs at lure coursing trials held in Adelaide in April and May 2016.
Apex has also had some training in Flyball and Tracking which are two sports which we are hoping to continue with him in the future.
Unfortunately Apex has not met our breeding criteria and was desexed at 24 months old, however he is still an important, well-loved member of our family.