Bimbadeen Snow Doll JC – Xanthe

 Cobbler Xanthe-6338

Hips 1:1  (International Grade A2)
Elbows 0:0
MDR1: Clear  DM: Carrier

Fastest White Swiss Shepherd Dog in Australia 2015 and 2016

Intermediate Sprinter—President’s Cup  2016

Runner Up Sprint Champion—President’s Cup 2016

Intermediate Courser—President’s Cup 2014

Runner Up Intermediate Courser—President’s Cup 2016

Runner Up Cup Champion—President’s Cup 2014 and 2016

Bimbadeen Snow Doll (Xanthe) is a lovely medium sized girl with a bright white, short coat bred by Bimbadeen Shepherds in Lake Grace, Western Australia.
Xanthe is from a lovely mixture of European, American and Australian bloodlines and possesses a superb temperament, as well as great confidence and the versatility of a Shepherd. She is excellent with people, but has a special adoration for children and we often find her sitting with or following our children visitors.
 Xanthe has trained in a number of dog sports over the years including  obedience up to grade 4 and boundary style (c course) herding. Xanthe has demonstrated natural herding instinct, slowly developing maturity in her approach towards sheep, however her true passion is lure coursing!
Xanthe has placed at many lure coursing trials as well as won in other lure coursing competitions such as the Fastest Dog in Australia competition where she earnt the title of Australia’s Fastest White Swiss Shepherd several times.

Xanthe has now retired from breeding after two successful litters, however she will continue to participate in dog sports for many years to come.