Bimbadeen Snow Doll JC – Xanthe

 Cobbler Xanthe-6338

Hips 1:1  (International Grade A2)
Elbows 0:0
MDR1: Clear  DM: Carrier

Fastest White Swiss Shepherd Dog in Australia 2015 and 2016

Intermediate Sprinter—President’s Cup  2016

Runner Up Sprint Champion—President’s Cup 2016

Intermediate Courser—President’s Cup 2014

Runner Up Intermediate Courser—President’s Cup 2016

Runner Up Cup Champion—President’s Cup 2014 and 2016

Bimbadeen Snow Doll (Xanthe) is a lovely medium sized girl with a bright white, short coat bred by Bimbadeen Shepherds in Lake Grace, Western Australia.
We are forever grateful to Kerry and Ian Hitchins for this outstanding girl, the foundation of our breeding program. A lovely mixture of European, American and Australian bloodlines, Xanthe possesses a superb temperament, as well as great confidence and the versatility of a Shepherd. She is excellent with people, but has a special adoration for children and we often find her sitting with or following our children visitors.
 Xanthe is currently in grade 4 at Para Districts Obedience Club. She thoroughly impressed us when graduating from grade 3 to 4 after only a few lessons and then went on to win “Team of the Month” by competing against two other owner-dog teams in a sudden death obedience round. She has a great focus and strong bond with her human team mate which we expect will earn her obedience titles in the coming years.
 Xanthe also trains in boundary style (c course) herding, a particular style of herding which is suited perfectly to the White Swiss Shepherd. Originating in Germany where many pastures have no fences, the Shepherd Dog is used to contain sheep within the designated pasture. Any stray sheep are herded into the boundary which they should stay within. Once that pasture is finished with, the dog will move the sheep to the next pasture, keeping them within any designated boundaries so the sheep don’t destroy neighbouring crops. Xanthe has demonstrated natural herding instinct, slowly developing maturity in her approach towards sheep and is well on her way to compete in herding trials where we are confident she will achieve high results.
 In 2014, Xanthe started lure course and lure racing with the Adelaide Lure Course and Lure Racing Club and over the past 3 years has placed in the top three places on several occasions at lure coursing trials as well as won “Intermediate Courser” “Runner Up Intermediate Courser” and “Intermediate Sprinter” and “Runner Up Cup Champion” of the President’s Cup in 2014 and 2016, beating a number of Sighthounds in both lure course and straight lure components.
Xanthe continued to show her talents at this new found sport by competing in the Fastest Dog in Australia competition and earning the title of Australia’s Fastest White Swiss Shepherd in 2015 and 2016.
Xanthe has obtained her “Junior Courser” (JC) title and is now on her way to earning her Coursing Ability title. At her first trial in May 2016 she placed second against the other CAT (non-sighthound) dogs  – but that’s ok, she was only beaten by her older “brother” Apex! Xanthe has incredible focus, strong prey drive, agility and well, she moves super fast!